Thursday, 15 December 2016


Hi all, well today was meant to be the day I posted a write-up about Reset 64 but that plan has now changed somewhat.  Don't worry, the write-up is still going to be... well, written.  But it won't be with you until the New Year.  As you all know my two blogs have been somewhat dormant for a while and I was using the blogosphere's 'Blogmas' idea to schedule twelve posts across the festive season, six on each.  This is proving to be a mammoth task, as there's certain ones which are always quite lengthy such as the Commodore Format post due next week alongside the overdue review of Dizzy.

However, something has arrived in the post which I simply have to cover as it's personally very exciting for me!  It's the perfect example of what I'm passionate about and hoping to achieve through this and my Oink! blog and when you see what it is I'm sure you'll understand.  The thing is I just don't have the time to write up a thirteenth post this month, so I've had to rescheduled the Reset 64 one for now, but tomorrow expect your next Post of Christmas about something dear to my heart on many levels.

Here's a snapshot!

As this is a last minute decision you'll have to give me time to do a quick bit of writing and I'll have more information tomorrow.  Needless to say "excited" is my keyword tonight!    

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