Saturday, 24 December 2016


Okay so you may have noticed I haven't exactly stuck to my Twelve Posts of Christmas on this blog, as opposed to The Oink! Blog where everything has gone to plan (so far).  The difference between the two blogs is key: the Oink! one was always about planning ahead and writing up about each issue on the date of release in much the same way as I am with Commodore Format here.  Those sorts of posts are easy to plan ahead as I have a specific publication and a set amount of pages to write about.  By doing so on the original dates gives me an easy way of scheduling them and working around them.  Usually.  I have been dangerously close to missing the deadlines on more than one occasion!

But as for everything else being covered here on Recovering From a Scratch the scope is so much bigger.  It's okay saying I'll review a game on a particular date, but that game could take a completely different amount of time than a previous one to play enough before I can give an opinion.  I really want to make this the very best blog I can so I don't want to cut corners, nor do I want to stress over deadlines for huge tasks like that.  In fact I'd hate if it did become a task instead of the most fun you could possibly have with a hobby!

Best of all, it's already become a much more personal experience than I could ever have possibly imagined.  I should've realised that'd happen after it did with a funny old 80s comic about pigs!  But now I'm planning so much for Scratch that's more personal and I'd like to keep it that way.  It just feels natural and with the feedback I've been getting it appears it's this which sets the site apart.

So, for example, tomorrow on Christmas Day I was going to put a post up reminiscing about my very first Christmas with my original Commodore 64 way, way back in 1991.  My Christmases are very traditional and I don't think they've changed that much over the years, but have they?  I got excited at the prospect of taking loads of photos over the holidays with my new iPhone (this year's gift!) and then comparing the Christmas of 2016 to the one a quarter of a century ago when that wonderful little computer first popped into my life.  Obviously I can't compare them until this Christmas Day is over but the idea excites me so it'll be a couple of days after The Big Day when you'll see that post after all.

I think with a blog like this it's important to keep it flexible and personal, even the Commodore Format ones will take a more personal slant when I start covering the issues I had as a teen (albeit it on the right dates).  So no Dizzy review yet as I simply haven't had the time to play it as much as I'd want yet and tomorrow's post will be even better in a couple of days.  Replacing Dizzy will be a special post next week when I'll go into some detail about my plans for 2017 too.  It's going to be a big year for both my blogs!

Now, remember my "Commodore bunker" I showed off a while back?

Well here it is now at the back of my living room!

The view from the bunker at night :)


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