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I've mentioned a "wish list" a few times on here lately, in particular when discussing Commodore Format as I've been covering each issue on the date of their original releases.  Normally C64 fans simply write up a list of games (or even just keep it in their heads) all in one go and stick to it as they try to track down their favourite games from those they can remember, or those recommended by others online.  Or some just simply buy everything in sight!  Well I don't have that kind of money available to me.  So a wish list it is.

But I'm doing mine differently, slowly, bit-by-bit and am going to be sharing it with you every month.  You see, at the start of this year I began to read Commodore Format from #1, a magazine I'd originally read from #14 at the time so the first thirteen issues were brand new to me.  From the first review (Time Crystal, see below) they ever published I knew I had to keep track of all the great games I'd want to eventually add to my collection.  So I started a list on my iPad.

These two innocent pages have started a mammoth list!

The idea is that when I read a CF and a game tickles me pink/takes my fancy* I simply write it down and then on my semi-regular jaunts onto eBay or elsewhere online I've a reminder of what I'm looking for.  With so many C64 titles produced during its lifetime (10,000+!) it's easier than you'd think to forget which ones appealed more than the rest.  Hence the wish list.  But there's a rule to this one.

I'm not collating the whole list at once by rushing through my magazine collection, it's strictly issue-by-issue.

That's right, I'm keeping this retro by letting CF recommend the games to me just like they did in the 1990s, only this time I've a bit of disposable income.  I'm in no rush and I'm enjoying discovering the titles this way, just as originally intended.  Now of course I'm currently way ahead in my read-through compared to the write-ups on here, as I didn't consider writing them when I started.  But I've got it covered and when the new year begins you'll see a new addition to the blog and to the CF posts.

Easily the first game on my wish list and already
reviewed on the blog - click here
I'm going to add a page to the site where you'll be able to see my wish list as it grows and as I amass those titles I so desperately want.  This latter aspect will be a slow process so bare with me!  But as I read ahead in CF you'll see the list grow and I'll reference which issue the games were in, in case you want to check them out yourself.  Then, within every write-up I'll add more info on how these games were covered and why they earned a spot on my list.

It'll be the first new addition to the blog when 2017 hits but it won't be the last by far.  The CF series has already started (you can join in with the introduction here) and my recollections of my own personal journey with the C64 first time around will begin on Christmas Day, naturally.  But in the New Year the story of Parallel Logic will also join the party!  Yup, 2017 is a big year for me across both my blogs and I hope all you C64 nuts will come along for the ride on this one at least.

* delete as applicable

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